Cafes Richard Ventura Black Capsule Machine

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Cafes Richard
More Information
Type Coffee
Brand Cafes Richard
Origin France
ABOUT THE PRODUCT CAFES RICHARD is a coffee roaster that has emerged from Paris based group Maison Richard founded in 1892 and has remained a family business till today. Discover CAFES RICHARD unique blends for making the perfect espresso as well as our GRANDS CRUS collection of pure single origins. Metamorphosing from its conventional offering Cafes Richard in recent years has embarked on a specialty coffee offering with its organic and fair trade coffees which orate a whole different dimension to caffeine industry.
INGREDIENTS Behind the elegance of a timeless design, lies a very high pressure 19 bar silent extraction system. Subtle notes of coffee emanate, with a beautiful smooth "crema".
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Cafes Richard Ventura Black Capsule Machine