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    Salicornia 1kg
  2. Sea Bass Fillet 250-300g
  3. Strawberry & Pomegranate Cooler
  4. Maki Sushi Platter 42 Pcs
  5. Peach & Elderflower Tea
  6. Decorative Pumpkin 5kg
  7. Veal Demi Glace 1L


Chocolate is a world favorite found in desserts or enjoyed individually, and our range provides consumers with both options. The chocolates we offer range from milk to dark chocolate, of various levels, and offer a distinctive rich character, with hints of fruit in their flavors, leaving consumers with a creamy texture, and satisfying aftertaste. These flavorful chocolates can be enjoyed alone and can be added into your desired desserts. This satisfying treat carries an intense flavor that is difficult to forget. Read More...

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