Risotto Porcini & White Truffle

Serves: 2   Prep time: 20 mins   Cook time: 15-18 mins

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  1. Risotto 200g
  2. Extra virgin olive oil 15g
  3. Fresh thyme 2g
  4. White truffle 16g
  5. Porcini mushroom250g
  6. Chopped onion 30g
  7. Garlic halves 1
  8. Grano Padano powder 100g
  9. Black pepper
  10. Butter 30g
  11. Wild rocket 5g
  12. Chopped tomato 20g

Funghi Sauce

  1. In a preheated cooking pan, add the olive oil, the garlic halves, and onion and sauté until the ingredients turn into golden brown color.
  2. Add the porcini mushroom and cook while stirring occasionally until caramelized.
  3. Remove some and keep some  for garnish
  4. Season with ground pepper, thyme, and salt
  5. Add some water and simmer for few minutes until the mushroom gets cooked thoroughly.
  6. Strain the mixed mushrooms from the water and keep on the side


  1. Pour in the Risotto in pan with extra virgin olive oil and stir well
  2. Toast at a medium heat while stirring occasionally until slightly translucent and toasted.
  3. Pour small quantities at a time in the preheated mushroom stock, along with fine salt.
  4. Cook at a medium heat, while continuously stirring until you get the required consistency.
  5. Add the sautéed mushroom and cook for about 2 minutes while stirring occasionally. Add the butter and stir well
  6. Remove from heat. Add the grated Grano Padano and mix until thoroughly incorporated.
  7. Top with shaved white truffle, wild rocket and chopped tomatoes.
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Risotto Porcini & White Truffle