Pecorino Romano Wedge 250g

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Size: 250g

Origin: Italy

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About the Product

This product is originally from Italy, and each piece is 250g. In 100 BC, Pecorino Romano was described as a necessity for Roman legions because it has a good amount of protein, salt, and fat which served as sufficient fuel for the duties of a soldier.

Tasting Notes

The firm paste is crunchy, yet crumbles, and embodies the expected sweetness of ewe's milk, along with an emulsion of saltiness and hints of lanolin.

How to Enjoy

This cheese is best served when grated on top of risottos or pastas. 

More Information
Type Pecorino
Size 250g
Storage Keep chilled
Brand Boni
Origin Italy
Gluten Free No
Organic No
Vegan No

Italy, 250g per piece

Dairy Free No
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Pecorino Romano Wedge 250g