Oven Ready Guinea Fowl Frozen 1.1-1.3kg

Unit: Kg

Price: Per Piece

Size: 1.1-1.3Kg

Origin: France

Availability: Daily

Delivery Days: Saturday to Thursday

Leadtime: 1 day

Prices will be adjusted based on actual weight.

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About the Product

This product is originally from France by Ramon, and each piece is between 1.1-1.3kg. Guinea Fowl typically have very delicate flesh, in particularly those of younger age. The older birds usually have meat that is tougher in texture. The meat of this gamebird is also very lean and holds a distinct flavor.

About the Brand

The family business, Remi Ramon Volailles, was established in 1964 in the Mayenne region of France. The poultry products produced by the brand became very popular around France, especially those that were Label Rouge. Label Rouge signifies animal well-being, which indicates that the birds farmed fly and live freely throughout the day in open air.

Delivery Information

The weight shown in the image is the average size for the product, however, prices will be adjusted based on actual weight.

More Information
Type Fowl
Size 1.1-1.3kg
Storage Keep Frozen
Brand Ramon
Origin France
Organic No
Vegan No

From France 1.1-1.3kg per packet.

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