Milk Fed Veal Tenderloin Boneless Frozen 1.5-2kg

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Price: Per Piece

Size: 1.5-2kg

Origin: Netherlands

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About the Product

This product is originally from the Netherlands, by Tboer, and each piece is between 1.5-2kg. This milk fed veal, which is typically used in fine dining, is slaughtered at nine months and is fed purely milk or corn straw. It's flesh holds a light pink color, accompanied by a very buttery and tender texture, and has a nutty flavor.

About the Brand

T. Boer & zn is a leading exporter around the world of high quality veal, and are specialists in the matter. The veal is low in cholesterol, easy to digest, and is high in vitamins and minerals. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, utilizing their professional capabilities, the brand slaughters and processes around 8,000 calves each week. 

Delivery Information

The weight shown in the image is the average size for this product, however, prices will be adjusted based on actual weight.

More Information
Type Veal
Size 1.5-2kg
Storage Keep Frozen
Brand Tboer
Origin Netherlands
Organic No
Vegan No

Netherlands, 1.5-2kg per piece, Tboer

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Milk Fed Veal Tenderloin Boneless Frozen 1.5-2kg