Manchego Cheese 150g

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Origin: Spain 

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About the Product

This product is originally from Spain, by Garcia Baquero, and each piece is 150 grams. This cheese has also been aged for 4 months. Manchego cheese is typically made from sheep's milk, which carries hints of wild thyme, withered acorns, and aromatic herbs, due to their diet. What separates this cheese from other cheeses is the thick, aromatic, sweet milk that is used to create Manchego cheese.

Tasting Notes

The flavor of Manchego cheese varies according to how long it has been aged for, but it typically holds a unique richness with a blend of Brazil nuts and caramel, with a moderately salty finish. The texture of this cheese, however, is dry on the surface, yet distinctively creamy.

How to Enjoy

Manchego, like other hard cheeses, can be enjoyed individually, or can be used in cooking, which reveals its nutty yet sweet flavor.

More Information
Type Hard Cheese
Size 150g
Storage Keep chilled
Brand Garcia Baquero
Origin Spain
Gluten Free No
Organic No
Vegan No

Spain, 150g per piece, 4 months, Garcia Baquero

Dairy Free No
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Manchego Cheese 150g