JING Whole Leaf Peppermint Tea Caddy 20g

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Size: 20g

Origin:Bavaria, Germany

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Deep green, whole dried peppermint leaves in an elegant tea caddy (20g) offer an intensely refreshing infusion that exudes an engaging and cleansing menthol aroma, with an invigorating, cooling finish.

Peppermint is favoured for its high menthol content and has been used through the ages for both its functional and culinary qualities. Often cultivated for use as a topical oil, the large, whole leaves also render a refreshing herbal infusion. JING selects high quality fresh leaves and slowly dry them to retain their essential oils, creating an invigorating flavour with a remarkably long finish. Did you know, ‘herbal infusion’ is a preferable term to ‘herbal tea’, as tea is an infusion of leaves only from the Camellia sinensis?

More Information
Type Tea
Sugar Free Yes
Size 20g
Storage Room temperature
Brand Jing Tea
Origin Germany
Gluten Free Yes
Organic Yes
Vegan Yes

Bavaria, Germany, 20g per tin

Fairtrade Yes
Lactose Free Yes
Dairy Free Yes
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JING Whole Leaf Peppermint Tea Caddy 20g