JING Two Cup Tea-Iere 500ml

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Size: 500ml

Origin: United Kingdom

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JING's Two Cup Tea-iere is the ultimate modern tea infuser, designed to make preparing loose tea for two a simple pleasure.

With the right tools, making loose tea does not have to be intimidating. JING's Two Cup Tea-iere enables you to get the best out of your tea: it is similarly designed to a cafetiere, but without the plunger to allow the tea leaves space to impart their incredible flavours. When making tea, always make the right quantity for your cups, as tea left over-infusing will never taste as good. Fully decant your infusion evenly between two cups as soon as it’s ready. The capacity of this Tea-iere is 500ml and pairs perfectly with two of JING's Glass Cups & Saucers. 

Storage tip: dry thoroughly and store in an upright position. Rinse before use.

More Information
Type Accessories
Size 500ml
Storage Store in a clean, dry and cool place
Brand Jing Tea
Origin China
Organic No
Vegan No

JING, United Kingdom, 500ml tea infuser for loose tea

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JING Two Cup Tea-Iere 500ml