JING Glass Teapot For One-Cup 250ml

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Size: 250ml

Origin: United Kingdom

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Prepare and enjoy loose leaf tea for one with JING's elegant, perfectly proportioned glass teapot, fitted with an innovative in-spout coil filter for a pristine infusion every time.

JING's One Cup Teapot combines ease and elegance. Expertly hand-blown, it is designed to match the capacity of JING's Glass Cup & Saucer, preventing your tea leaves from over-infusing. It has a carefully designed non-drip spout and a unique in-spout coil filter to ensure a pure infusion, with no tea leaves left in your cup. Elegant and comfortable to hold, this One Cup Teapot is a modern classic, and has a capacity of 250ml.

Storage tip: dry thoroughly and store in an upright position. Rinse before use.

More Information
Type Accessories
Size 250ml
Storage Store in a clean, dry and cool place
Brand Jing Tea
Origin United Kingdom
Organic No
Vegan No

JING, United Kingdom, 250ml glass teapot for loose tea

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