Grilled Shrimps

Serves: 2   Prep time: 10 mins   Cook time: 4-5 mins

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1. Shrimp U10, cleaned and deveined, with shells 600g
2. Minced fresh parsley 20g
3. Fresh lemon juice 1psc
4. Salt & black pepper

Garlic Butter

1. Unsalted butter room temperature 60g
2. Fresh minced garlic 1psc


  1. To butterfly the shrimp: Make sure to keep the head, shell and tail on. Using a paring knife, make a deep incision from the tail to the opposite end. The incision should be where the shrimp was already deveined. Make sure not to cut all the way through. Once the incision has been made use your fingers to spread open the shrimp's flesh until it lies flat.
  2. In a bowl mix and the parsley, butter and lemon and whisk until well blended. And add salt and pepper
  3. Meanwhile heat grill to medium to high heat. Place shrimp on grill shell side down. Cook for 2 minutes and flip and add garlic butter to mixture over shrimp cook for another 2 minutes or until shrimp is opaque.
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Grilled Shrimps