Frozen Croissants 5 Pcs/Packet

Unit: Packet

Price: Per Packet

Size: 325g

Origin: France

Availability: Daily

Delivery Days: Saturday to Thursday

Leadtime: 1 day


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AED 17.50

This product is originally from France, and each piece is 65g, with 5 pieces per packet. These pastries will melt in your mouth due to the richness of their ingredients. The well-risen puff pastry is pleasant to the eye due to its perfectly crisp exterior. Heat for 20 minutes in an oven at 170°C for the perfect croissants.

More Information
Type Other
Storage Keep Frozen
Origin France
Organic No
Vegan No

France, 65g per piece, 5 pieces per packet

Dairy Free No
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Frozen Croissants 5 Pcs/Packet