Duck Breast Frozen 400-500g

Unit: Kg

Price: Per Piece

Size: 400-500g

Origin: France

Availability: Daily

Delivery Days: Saturday to Thursday

Leadtime: 1 day

Prices will be adjusted based on actual weight.

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About the Product

This product is originally from France by Maison Masse, and each piece is between 400-500g. Duck has a more meaty flavor than chicken, as well as a much higher fat content. The breast is surrounded by a layer of fat, which must melt upon cooking. Duck breast is best enjoyed when pan-fried, to give it a golden color, along with a crisp that is revealed when the fat melts. 

About the Brand

Maison Masse are a five-generation business that specializes in duck liver, truffles and Rungis. Their main business comprises of providing to chefs, in particularly in Michelin star restaurants, as well as caterers and butchers. This brand operates with producers all around France that breed and slaughter according to their standards. Additionally, their products have a greater taste than normal because of the integration of whole corn into their meat.

Delivery Information

The weight shown in the image is the average size for this product, however, prices will be adjusted based on actual weight.

More Information
Type Duck
Size 400-500g
Storage Keep Frozen
Brand Masse
Origin France
Organic No
Vegan No
ABOUT THE PRODUCT From France 400-500g per packet
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Duck Breast Frozen 400-500g