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Hotels & Restaurants

Fresh Express stands behind each successful restaurant in Dubai. Because of our extensive range of food products and experience, our customers vary from 5 stars hotels, fine dining establishments, palaces, to casual eateries and catering. We ensure every order you place with Fresh Express maintains continuous quality, as well as a variety to keep your cooking imagination alight.

Groups & Chains

We work closely with many customers on group level because we understand the decision-making process. We know the importance of alignment on head office level and how it reflects across the chains and properties. Offering loyalty programs with our brands is key to a successful partnership as it creates loyalty and provides a lot of benefits to the outlets as well as the staff.


With a selective range of fresh products and exclusive food brands, Fresh Express prides itself in supplying top quality food items to supermarkets, hypermarkets, gourmet stores, and mini-marts in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Oman and Kuwait.

Our retail department is run by a team of professional market-oriented people who extend their knowledge and support to our clients in areas of consumer food trends, packaging and display preferences. We always maintain a seamless channel of supply and inventory control throughout the business cycle.

From Dairy, Seafood, Poultry, Fruit & Vegetables, to Condiments, Confectionary and Beverages, Fresh Express is sure to add an edge to your retail business with favourable quality food items of the highest standard. Looking for a particular item to list in store? Contact our retail team with your requirements.

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Our Brands

non alcoholic beverages
Condiments, Oils and Vinegar

Fresh Express is proud to bring to the GCC world-recognized brands. Our team give businesses and diverse customers the opportunity to find the familiar brands they are loyal to back home.

We hold more than 400 food and beverage brands and almost 6,000 fresh products.

Our company deals with over 300 multinational suppliers, artisanal producers and unique growers from more than 50 countries.

Wild, farmed, organic, live, premium delicacy, gourmet niche, fresh or frozen; whatever defines a great culinary experience, you can be sure we will have it. If not, we can provide it for you from anywhere in the world.