Comte Cheese Extra Jura Wedge Ageing 4-6 Months 250g

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Size: 250g

Origin: France

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About the Product

This product is originally from France, and each piece is 250g. This cheese has also been aged for 4-6 months. This French cheese is one that is considered ancient and is one of the most popular cheeses in France. It takes around 530 liters of milk to product one 35kg Comte wheel. During the production of this cheese, only two native breeds of cows are to be used, which are the Montbeliarde cow, which is popular for its sweet milk, and the French Simmental cow. Throughout the winter, the cows' diet is primarily made up of hay from the summer pastures.

Tasting Notes

Every fruittiere has a unique profile that derrives from the climate, soil, and flora where the cows graze. These distinct profiles can hold flavors such as hazelnut, melted butter, and can carry aromas of plum jam, toast, dark chocolate, and pepper. Some fruittiere produce the cheese with a taste similar to that of butterscotch and sweet oranges.

How to Enjoy

The French pair Comte cheese with many of their dishes, as it melts well, and goes perfectly in quiches, tarts, soups, fondue, sauces, gratins, and salads. Due to its creaminess and fruity flavor, it also goes well with white meat and fish.

More Information
Type Comte
Size 250g
Storage Keep chilled
Brand Pascal Beillevaire
Origin France
Gluten Free No
Organic No
Vegan No

France, 250g per piece, ageing 4-6 Months

Dairy Free No
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Comte Cheese Extra Jura Wedge Ageing 4-6 Months 250g