Carabinero Shrimp Frozen 1kg/Pkt

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Size: 1kg

Origin: Spain

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AED 355.00

About the Product

This product is originally from Spain, and each piece is 1kg, with 13-14 pieces. The majority of shrimp, also commonly called prawns, have stalk eyes, strong tails, small, spindly legs, and long whiskers. The tails of shrimp are the primary food source for consumption, and there are thousands of shrimp farms throughout the world, as well as those that are caught in the wild.

Health Benefits

Some of the health benefits of shrimp include improved bone and brain health, weight management, and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. Shrimp has anti-inflammatory, cancer preventative, and anti-aging properties that help to reduce the risk of various health ailments. It helps in treating age-related macular degeneration and relieving eye fatigue. Shrimp also provides relief from menstrual pain. Shrimp is a high-benefit option for increasing your overall health in a truly delicious way.

Delivery Information

The weight shown in the image is the average size for this product, however, prices will be adjusted based on actual weight.

More Information
Type Prawns
Size 1kg
Storage Keep Frozen
Brand Eurofish
Origin Spain
Gluten Free Yes
Organic No
Vegan No

Spain, No. 4, 13-14 pieces per 1kg

Dairy Free Yes
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