5 Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Pourer

Unit: Bottle

Price: Per Bottle

Size: 500ml

Origin: Greece

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AED 140.00

This Gourmet Extrissimo olive oil of ultra-premium quality is originally from Greece, and each bottle is 500ml. This olive oil is produced through the practice of cold extraction at low temperatures under consistently maintained hygienic conditions. It is a single-varietal olive oil, meaning it is made 100% out of only Koroneiki olives, which creates a fruity flavor along with a touch of spice, and a unique aroma. This olive oil contains no additives, and each bottle contains olive oil in its purest form.

More Information
Type Olive Oil
Size 500ml
Storage Store in a cool and dry place
Organic No
Vegan No

Greece, 500ml per bottle

Dairy Free Yes
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5 Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Pourer